Sep 16 2010

Byl jednou jeden zámek

Translation from Czech: Once upon a time there was a castle

Sep 8 2010

Hoe sterk is de eenzame fietser

Revenir a l’enfer du Nord

Aug 25 2010

A larger slice of time

A photograph is usually a very small slice of time.  A modern day camera can take  slices out of time which last about 4000th of a second. The average photograph is taken with an exposure (because that’s how these slices of time are defined in the world of photography) of about 125th of a second. Of course, one can extend the exposure time to a 30th of a second or a 10th or perhaps one whole second, depending on the amount of light which is available. The less light there is, the longer the exposure time needs to be in order to get a proper photograph.

There are some interesting side effects to this and it is quite often interesting to consider using longer exposure times, not so much because of the low level of light, but because of the side effects it brings (which suddenly means that low levels of light are a necessity). The Light Moves series are an example of wanting these nice side-effects and therefore having to use long exposure times.

Another example is using long exposures in combination with flowing water. Of course, one has to stand ankle deep in a stream of freezing cold water, in the dark, getting bitten to death by a rich assortment of mosquitos and other nocturnal insects…but I think the result is worth it

Aug 23 2010

Radio Kootwijk

Radio Kootwijk is a radio facility built in 1918 in order to keep Holland in contact with its colony of the Dutch East Indies.  The housing facilties needed for its employees resulted in a small village sharing the same name.

Radio Kootwijk is situated at the Veluwe which was, at the time that the complex was built, an area with a low population density, making it ideal for such a radio facility. In order to improve the efficiency of the transmitter, a large area of the heather and forrest around the complex was flattened.

In 1923 the Dutch PTT (Post, Telegrafie en Telefonie) started a transoceanic telegraphy connection, using a longwave transmitter which was situated in Building A. This large concrete building, designed by Joris Luthman, was inspired by an Egyptian Sphynx, but it was later nicknamed “The Cathedral” (at the time, this caused some consternation with the rather religious locals).

In 1925 the longwave transmitter was replaced by a shortwave version and in 1928 a radio-telephonic connection was established between Holland and the Dutch East Indies. At the time a three minute phonecall would cost about 30 Dutch guilders (12-15 euros).

With the arrival of new communication techniques like satellites, Radio Kootwijk lost its of role wireless connection point and in 1980 the last transmission mast was blown up.

“The Cathedral”or Building A is now an official monument.

Aug 22 2010

Lege kerken

Jul 21 2010

Rotterdam ST

Jul 12 2010

There you are!

Ellora is simply thrilled to see her mother again…(after a separation which lasted less than 2 minutes)

Jun 30 2010

Through the lens

Jun 20 2010

a small house at the beach

small house at the beach

Jun 16 2010

Two little known facts about Maine Coons

1) they like to pose in high-key settings.
2) they like to eat potato crisps in unusual ways