Lost marbles

to loose ones marbles: to go grazy.

it must have been a child who came up with this expression after loosing his marbles in a game of marbles (or better, it was his opponent who came up with it). I played marbles a lot and lost lots of them. There’s basically three type of kids:

  1. The one that came to school with a certain amount of marbles. He/she would play marbles all day and return home with the exact same amount of marbles.
  2. The one that came to school with no marbles at all, borrowed one marble and returned home with almost all the marbles present at the schools playground that day.
  3. The one that came to school with lots of marbles and returned with none.

I had a tendency to be a type 3 marble player. Please don’t feel sorry for me, I still have lots of marbles.


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